APRS™ for Linux

X-APRS™ is being developed with the same source code that is used for MacAPRS™ and WinAPRS™. The cross-platform framework used for Mac and Windows is being ported to X-Windows. X-APRS™ is written using Xt, Xlib and LesTif (Motif) on RedHat Linux 5.2. Other platforms will also be made available such as PowerPC Linux, Sun etc.

Release is expected to be at the DCC (Digital Communications Conference) at the end of September

Support for the built in AX-25 networking of Linux is planned

Compatibility testing

OS Version X-APRS Version Date Reported by Working Comments
RedHat 5.2 0.0.1 Alpha 7/1/1999 KB2ICI YES Development environment
Debian 2.2 0.0.1 Alpha 7/1/1999 W6SWE YES
SuSE 6.1 0.0.1 Alpha 7/6/1999 OE7FTJ NO

last updated 5/18/1999