Maps for MacAPRS, WinAPRS and APRS

by Mark and Keith Sproul
Authors of MacAPRS and WinAPRS

We are working on a very sophistcated map generation program. This program was announced some time back but the WinAPRS project got in the way of getting it done. It was orignally announced as MacMapMaker but that name has already been used by a Mac program for generating web page CGI maps. We have changed the name to MacCartogrpher. It is working VERY well. It currently can read the following file formats. In additon, with the DCW files, we have been able to define city areas and display them in the maps of MacAPRS. Take a look at these maps generated by MacCartogropher. MacAPRS and WinAPRS can read BOTH the original APRS format maps as well as the larger maps generated just for MacAPRS. Note: the ability to read DOS-APRS maps directly is a recent additon to MacAPRS.

Locations on the net to download maps.

The maps for Macintosh on the TAPR FTP site are in Macintosh "sit.hqx" format. This is similar to ZIP format for PCs, but of course not compatiable. We have found a PC program called SITEX10.EXE that allows decompression of these files on PCs. It can be found at:


last updated 1/8/96