Macintosh Automatic Position Reporting System

APRS was developed by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, to track boats and vehicles using GPS and packet radio. APRS has developed into a very popular position reporting system for use by amateur radio. APRS was introduced at the 1993 ARRL Computer Networking Conference in New Jersey.

APRS is a multi-faceted system used primarily within Amateur Radio for tracking many different types of things. APRS is used for tracking Weather, for tracking moving cars, boats, weather balloons, and many other things. It can also be used as a Graphics Information System for many different aspects of Amateur Radio, including graphically monitoring a DX Cluster.

MacAPRS was written by Keith Sproul, WU2Z and Mark Sproul, KB2ICI

MacAPRS and PC APRS are available on and

There is a discussion group about APRS on the TAPR list server. To subscribe to this mailing list, send e-mail to with the following command in the message text:

     subscribe aprssig  {your name}

APRS makes extensive use of maps for displaying its data. Below are some sample maps from MacAPRS.

MacAPRS for the non-Ham

MacAPRS was originally written for Ham Radio, but it has rapidly grown to be a very extensive GPS program usable by anyone with a Macintosh and a GPS unit. This Web site is being updated to include information for non-ham people to learn more about MacAPRS and GPS.

MacAPRS has many capabilities. It has the following data bases built-in:

You can do searches on the airport data base and show where anyone is on the maps. You can also calculate distances between points.

MacAPRS for Balloon and Model Rocket Tracking

MacAPRS has several features specifically for tracking balloons and model rockets.

E-Mail Addresses of the Authors

MacAPRS Keith Sproul, WU2Z, and Mark Sproul, KB2ICI

PC APRS Bob Bruninga, WB4APR

Other APRS Infomration

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